The First Families

The first families that inhabited Ceres were those of John Service, Cassius Warner, and Daniel PianoWhitmore in the year 1867. Daniel C. Whitmore is considered the first family and founder of Ceres. He built his home in 1870, the Daniel Whitmore Mansion at 2928 5th Street. That home still stands, fully restored by the city and the Ceres Historical Society.

In 1903, Clinton N. Whitmore, the son of Daniel Whitmore, built a 15-room home a few blocks north of his father's original home located on 2732 5th Street. Pictured at the top of this page, the Whitmore Mansion remained under the ownership of Whitmore descendants until 2005, when it was privately sold and restored. In 2013, the City of Ceres acquired the property and it is now available for rentals and tours.

The Mansion is managed by the Whitmore Mansion Foundation

Call for Reservations

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Whitmore Mansion
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